Our Approach
SignaTrain takes a different approach to human resource learning and development. 

We know that empowered business leaders and HR professionals, armed with the right knowledge and training, can make all the difference in protecting their company’s operations, employee relations, and culture, while helping to manage litigation risk.

What if getting there could be fun and engaging rather than boring and obligatory?

At SignaTrain, we offer master classes with the most sophisticated training leaders who have been in the trenches as employment lawyers and know the practical risks, along with related experts and other guests on topics relevant to today’s workplace. Our course leaders are renowned for their ability to engage audiences, give straight answers to complicated employment questions, and utilize unique approaches to effectively equip business leaders and HR professionals with the knowledge and experience to navigate complex workplace scenarios.

We’ve thrown out boring case studies and instead use unique approaches like video vignettes using Broadway actors improvising workplace scenarios to demonstrate what to do–and not to do–when handling complicated workplace scenarios. And we take a workshop approach, breaking participants into small groups to engage in hands on learning among peer groups with similar experience levels.

Our approach is interactive, captivating, and effective. 
Here’s what participants have to say about our approach:

“I wanted to give major kudos to you and whoever else put together this training. I found it engaging, incredibly applicable to our current state of the team and the market in terms of retention and hiring focus, and informative."

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and feel it’s one of the best I have attended. The breakout rooms made it interactive and provided additional learning from other. I look forward to attending the next one.”

“Although we are a smaller company with fewer “middle management” layers, the lessons are true for all staff.”

“Our managers raved about how much fun it was with engaging programming, including sociable and randomly chosen breakout rooms which allowed peer-to-peer interactivity; trained actor vignettes to set the stage; and great teaching moments between the trainer and amongst one another. It captivated all of us from beginning to a round of applause at the end. The training also positioned our managers to make safe and smart decisions - which is increasingly important in today’s workplace.”

 A sampling of master class topics includes:
  • ● Terminating Employees Without Lawsuits
  • ● Winning Documentation Strategies for Discipline and Performance
  • ● Legal Issues in Hiring Employees
  • ● Understanding the Employee Leave Laws and How They Interact – (FMLA, ADA, etc.)
  • ● Substance Use and Abuse – What Can You Do?
  • ● Wage & Hour (overtime) Compliance
  • ● Protecting Against the Loss of Key Personnel and Customer Information to Competitors
  • ● Independent Contractor and Employee - Understanding the Difference
  • ● Workplace Violence and Employee Theft – What Can You Do?
  • ● Using Your Culture to Manage and Fire Toxic, Yet High Performing Employees
  • ● Sexual Harassment and Other Forms of Harassment – Compliance Workshop
  • ● Challenges in Managing a Remote Workforce
  • ● Reasonable Accommodation and Disability Oriented Discrimination
  • ● Challenges in Managing Today’s Salesforce - HR Issues You Need to Understand
  • ● Privacy in the Workplace. Can You Spy on Your Workers?
  • ● Can An Employer Monitor and/or Regulate Employee Personal Social Media Use?
  • ● HR Compliance with Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • ● How to Conduct an Internal Investigation

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